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Following social media site breaches, Netflix requires password resets

Following several social media site breaches, Netflix said users whose passwords may have been compromised must change their login credentials.

Netflix's VPN ban may result in stronger security for VPN customers

Despite very vocal critics, Netflix will not give in to the demands of overseas VPN users that want access to the US catalogue of shows says Paul Bischoff.

Netflix and Uber customers target for hackers

Cyber-security company Trend Micro have spotted a large uptick in Netflix and Uber credentials being sold by illicit deep web vendors

Discount third-party Netflix services are a 'House of Cards', warns cyber-security blog

Researchers have been observing a litany of attacks against Netflix, its customers and consumers interested in the content streaming service, warns Symantec.

Netflix HTML5 video now supports Firefox on Windows

Netflix nation is celebrating as Firefox has joined them on Windows with HTML5 video extensions.