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Mozilla looses trust in Dutch Certs, raises wider concerns in industry

Dutch moves to strengthen the powers of its state authorities leads Mozilla to propose excluding Dutch CAs from its trust list - could form part of a wider undermining of trust in the Internet

Netherlands nearly up to speed in cyber-security, says readiness report

The Netherlands has made great strides in implementing its cyber-security strategy, says latest CRI report, but still needs to address issues with funding and decision-making.

Dutch detectives unencrypt 3.6 million emails sent by criminals

Dutch police, in an effort to crack down on violent organised crime, have cracked 3.6 million encrypted emails which will provide according to them crucial evidence for their investigations.

HITB 2016: Zorko calls for greater cooperation in cyber-crime fight

One of the Netherland's Cyber-security chiefs opened today's 7th annual Hack in the Box with a call to bring the private, public and communities closer together.

CoinVault and Bitcryptor, R.I.P.

Kaspersky and Dutch police have shut down these two strains of ransomware in a joint effort, arresting the authors and seizing the decryption keys.

Four teens, adult arrested for Ziggo DDoS attacks

Four teens and an adult were arrested in connection with two major DDoS attacks against Netherlands' internet provider Ziggo in August.