Graduates starting out in any industry might find it difficult to get a job in the current economic climate, but for the graduates of information security, securing employment is almost impossible without them gaining the necessary work experience employers insist on. With this in mind, leading IT security specialist and high standards employer, Nettitude (, has joined forces with Coventry University to help companies fight cyber crime and create the ultimate career ready graduate.

In 2008, Nettitude first began to work with the Department of Computing  and the Digital Environment at Coventry University. It was the university's unique courses in BSc Ethical Hacking and Network Security and MSc Computer Forensics that captured managing director Rowland Johnson's attention.

“Coventry University offers some very strong information security courses, with a real application to many of the things that we do in our compliance and security testing division.  If we can help graduates to get there first on that career ladder, along with much needed exposure to the security industry, then we are keen to be involved. All of our interns and graduates are closely supervised and mentored so that they can gain some real world experience without actually working on live client environments”

At the moment Nettitude has one intern working within the business and is currently employing two former students from the university's computing department.

Twenty-one-year-old intern student Tim Nursall said: “I was delighted to be accepted onto the Nettitude internship programme. I had heard good things about the company through the industry and the university, so I didn't hesitate to apply for the post. In order to get the trust of any company you need to have industry work experience and I am grateful to Nettitude for investing in me.”

The growth of the internet and networked computers has led to a revolution in information processing and electronic transacting. Unfortunately with this growth opportunities for electronic crime and computer misuse have arisen. There is a growing need for specialists in this area to work in companies advising on security requirements or to work with law enforcement. An emerging field is ethical hacking, where companies test the strength of their security defences by employing specialists to try to break into their systems.

Coventry University is one of only a handful of further education centres in the UK that offers courses of this kind, however that figure is on the rise thanks in part to the internet and networking - but sadly with progress has come crime and abuse of the technology.

Senior lecturer Brian Moore from Coventry University said: “Our students are taught the ethics of preventing crime and how to be professional at what they do. I am pleased to say our graduate recruitment figures are extremely positive; however graduates looking to enter into the industry can sometimes be discouraged due to the lack of positions available to them if they have no trusted work experience. It is thanks to companies like Nettitude, who take on students preparing them for the real world and help to ignite their careers by putting their studies into practice.”

About Nettitude
Nettitude is a market leader in the provision of IT networking, security, VoIP and infrastructure solutions. Its consultancy lead engagement enables it to deliver multi-vendor solutions that provide solid business benefit.

Its business has strategic alliances with all of the key vendors, allowing it to provide solutions that truly reflect the needs of a business. It invests heavily in training, and consequently is able to advise on the latest technologies and trends. This enables Nettitude to provide a concise business roadmap for customers to maximise their technology return on investment.

Nettitude's fundamental strength is its ability to maintain a customer-focused response in a time of technological change. It is dedicated to providing high quality solutions and delivers a complete level of support and service offerings to satisfy almost all business requirements.

Nettitude is proud to have been awarded accreditations for ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Investors in People. It is also a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor company and a specialist Advanced Unified Communications partner of Cisco.