Network Access Control News, Articles and Updates

Playing nicely with others is the key to security

Brian Chappell is passionate about the importance of integration to the security industry and explains why it has the power to help companies make quicker and better decisions.

Former Citibank employee sentenced for shutting down 90% of firm's network

A former Citibank employee was sentenced to 21 months in prison after wiping routers and shutting down 90 percent of the firm's network access across North America.

Adrian Davis: Is the free market failing cyber-security?

Dr Adrian Davis of (ISC)2 spoke to SC about how cyber-security will affect all of our lives in the coming decade and how it can't be left up to the market to decide how.

Guarding against insider misuse

Track and audit changes on the network, especially by privileged users, and make it known that monitoring happens in order to reduce misuse says Michael Fimin.

Is your organisation ready for the next generation of millennials?

A different attitude to privacy and security among many new workplace entrants is a potential risk that has to be managed says Chris Sullivan.

Using analytics to secure your network

Knowing what's normal on the network will help identify attacks says Dirk Paessler

Third-party access adds vulnerability

Its time to take back third party remote access and increase visibility on the network says Stuart Facey

Getting the knack of NAC

De-perimeterisation, wireless, mobility and sophisticated threats have rejuvenated the adoption of network access control (NAC) technologies.