A guide for businesses on how to secure data and best security practice to avoid a security breach has been released by Network Box.

The company claimed that its 'Guide to Compliant Security in the UK' is designed to give guidance to companies on best security practice to avoid a security breach. It includes advice on avoiding or minimising the risk of human error (the cause of most data breaches), from phishing attacks to leaving an unprotected laptop on a train; disaster planning; reviewing third party suppliers that host data, such as CRM systems or financial systems providers (including web or mobile payment providers); and ensuring that they are PCI DSS compliant.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, said: “There's a lot of confusion among companies about what they should do to be secure. At InfoSec this year we heard a number of companies who are concerned, but who are unsure what to do. We hope this guide will help organisations put in place security measures to avoid a security breach. The cost of cleaning up after a data breach – both financial and in reputation terms – can be enormous.”