Network Box has announced the introduction of an intrusion detection and prevention system.

Combining existing approaches to security into a single unified platform, it links passive and active detection with intrusion prevention, to create a single protection model.

The company claimed that it separates protection into configurable layers that are responsible for implementing protection such as DDoS protection, protocol analysis, stream pattern recognition and much more.

It also utilises the open-source Snort engine that fits into the Network Box security, logging and management framework that allows industry-standard format signatures and heuristics to be used.

To provide visibility the logs are incorporated into the Global Monitoring System which can be accessed via the customer portal, Box Office, as well as being included in the system's periodic reporting and administrative interface.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst for Network Box, said: “Intrusion detection and prevention are a very important part of any organisation's defences, but are frequently ignored.

"If you integrate technologies, they work better together, and if you configure them to an organisation's requirements, they work better for the business. We've spent considerable time developing a system that works within a unified threat management system to give the best security at no additional cost to customers. This is the result.”