Network Box has announced the launch of the eMail Relationship Manager that improves the performance of spam filters.


It claimed that eMail Relationship Manager changes the way spam is currently classified, detected and treated by applying learning from user behaviour, as well as analysing an email's content, reputation and IP address. It is able to analyse and learn from the behaviour of the sender and recipient of an email to give a score that is applied in addition to traditional anti-spam filter analysis.


This works by maintaining a central database to store existing email accounts managed by Network Box on behalf of the email recipient, so genuine email is kept in a users address book that is whitelisted.


This will then record and analyse historical information about the relationship, in order to judge the likelihood of that email containing malware or unwanted content.  


Simon Heron, internet security analyst for Network Box, said: “The volume and sophistication of spam email means that spam filtering needs to be continually enhanced to address the problem. Neither spam filters nor traditional challenge response systems are effective enough any more. Analysing relationships between email senders and recipients is currently a very effective way to combat spam.”