A new network has been established to support the IT and technology industry to help with the drive towards Digital Britain.

The Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has been set up by the technology strategy board to bring together business, academia and government to drive technology innovation and create wealth for the UK.

The network is planned to bring together business, academia and government to help develop solutions to existing and future IT challenges. It will help IT and technology businesses form partnerships and secure funding to develop new products and services, in areas such as cloud computing, intelligent transport and mobile data access.

The Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network will host conferences and online meetings, provide members with guidance on funding sources and allow them influence on future policy decisions.

It is managed by Intellect, QinetiQ, and the National Physical Laboratory, who are jointly responsible for programmes of work in scalable computing, managed by Ian Osborne, Tony Dyhouse for cyber security and Bob Cockshott for location and timing technologies respectively.

Osborne said: “A successful digital society marries the need to access data on the move with a secure and scalable approach to gathering, processing, and using that information.

“We will create opportunities to innovate in this field by bringing people together – for example there are many academics making exciting breakthroughs in new tech who don't have the contacts to make them a reality or innovators who need to be connected to funders.”