PineApp has added network protection and mail and archiving security to its product range.

Introduced is the Mail-SeCure 1000M that protects small and home-office networks' (up to 50 email users) from all email-related threats. The Mail-SeCure 3000R helps protect midsized enterprises' networks (500-2,500 users), and provides full redundancy by applying dual power supplies and hard drives.

Also introduced is the PineApp MASA, a combination of Mail-SeCure and Archive-SeCure that allows midsized organisations to enjoy the benefits of both solutions without the burden of maintaining two servers.

Meanwhile the Mail-SeCure email security solution is offered as software that can be installed on the client's hardware or VMware platform.

Hezi Erez, PineApp CEO, said: “This expansion into providing not only appliance based solutions, but also software products and managed services, allows our customers the flexibility of choosing the optimised platform for both their performance and budgetary needs.”