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Will IETF proposal be the end of enterprise middlebox traffic snooping?

Is the ability to effectively bypass monitoring middleboxes is a good thing, both for the enterprise and more broadly network security?

Equifax hackers likely in network from March - 141 days before discovery

It took Equifax 141 days to discover a breach that exposed the data of 143 million US consumers with hackers likely accessing the credit monitoring firm's systems in March, a full two months before Equifax originally said they did.

'ShadowPad' attack sabotaged NetSarang software with backdoor

Attackers secretly modified at least five software packages distributed by network connectivity and server management solutions provider NetSarang in order to infect its business users with modular backdoor spyware.

Cyber due-diligence now forms an essential part of M&A planning

As cyber-concerns make their way up the boardroom agenda, companies involved in mergers and acquisitions are increasingly conducting cyber due-diligence.

RSA 2016: Gartner Tries To Demystify Security Analytics

With more companies adding tools that significantly increase the data flows used to analyse network traffic, a mythology seems to have been created surrounding security analytics according to Anton Chuvakin, research vice president at Gartner.

'Devastating flaws' in Kerberos authentication protocol

Security watchers warn of authentication and authorisation flaws in Windows network environments

Securing your organisation from insider threats

Living in a networked world has its advantages, but it also leaves organisations vulnerable to exploitation by malware, inadvertent employee actions and malicious attacks, says Salo Fajer

Is your app secure? Probably not

App vulnerabilities need to be thought about holistically, so the network and database in which they reside also need to be considered says Josh Shaul.

Poor measurement leaves networks dangerously open to attack

The ever-changing threat landscape is causing problems, with many business networks unable to keep up with the pace of innovation, argues Gavin Millard.

More questions than answers as BBC outage fuels DDoS talk

The British Broadcasting Corporation was hit by a prolonged outage on its website and iPlayer video-on-demand service (VOD) last weekend, raising questions about the cause and whether it was subjected to a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

'Complacency' to blame for undetected data breaches

A new study from IT governance reveals that a half of IT staff believe that their company may have suffered a data breach without it being detected.

Using analytics to secure your network

Knowing what's normal on the network will help identify attacks says Dirk Paessler

Monitoring the modern network environment

Importance of network visibility increases as complexity of modern enterprise networks increases: Enterprise Strategy Group survey.

Forrester report says firms spend 21% of security budget on networks

Corporates need to invest in the human firewall - Forrester analyst

Get people, privacy and policy correct before allowing collaborative working via mobiles

Managing control and compliance of mobile is key to collaborative working.

Getting the knack of NAC

De-perimeterisation, wireless, mobility and sophisticated threats have rejuvenated the adoption of network access control (NAC) technologies.

Deperimeterisation - nine years on

January 2014 will mark ten years since the Jericho Forum announced its concept of 'deperimeterisation', with regards to network IT.