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At least 432 UK businesses to be affected by NIS cyber-security regulation

Compliance with new NIS (network and information systems) regulations that come into force next month could cost large essential service providers around £278,000 each.

Getting your security budget right, and getting it approved

When CFOs ask what are the benefits of network security & training, it is the CIOs that oversees the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of files and systems, thus making them responsible for securing and allocating budget.

Why your staff's compromised credentials could pose a risk to the enterprise

Mitigating security risks from a company's entire cloud app ecosystem is not an easy task though oganisations can take certain steps to better prepare their systems for such threats says Andre Stewart.

Domino's Pizza advises customers to change their passwords

Pizza purveyor Domino's Pizza has advised its customers by email to change their account password to one which is strong and unique to avoid fraudulent account activity, owing to recent large-scale data breaches and password reuse across multiple websites.