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From c£6.13 per user for 150 users

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Strengths: Many easy-to-use features with this well-supported product

Weaknesses: Composed of several products, rather than presenting the user with a fully integrated suite

Verdict: A nice set of products that would benefit from tighter integration

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The NetWrix Identity Management Suite is actually a combination of several products that are bundled together and can be installed individually or together as one large suite.

This suite includes Password Manager, Account Lockout Examiner, Inactive Users Tracker, Logon Reporter and Password Expiration Notifier. All of these work together to create a fairly comprehensive identity management suite that helps both administrators and end-users manage accounts and perform account maintenance.

We found installation of this product to be quite simple, but it did require a lot of steps. There are a few prerequisites that need to be in place before the various components are installed, including an SQL Server, Internet Information Services (IIS) and .Net.

Once the prerequisites are installed and ready, each bit of the suite needs to be installed individually. While the installation was not overly complicated and was guided by easy-to-follow setup wizards, we would have liked to have seen an integrated installer to help streamline deployment.

This set of applications offers a lot in the way of functionality.

The Password Manager is designed to provide users with self-service password and account management through a web- based portal.

The Account Lockout Examiner provides automated account lockout management by monitoring event logs for lockouts and then automatically notifying specified recipients of the lockout.

One of the most useful tools in the suite is the Inactive Users Tracker. This helps manage inactive accounts that may pose possible security risks. When an account is found to be inactive, the tracker automatically deactivates the account and notifies specified recipients of actions taken.

Documentation included administrator, quick-start and installation guides in PDF format for all the individual products. While we found the documentation to be well organised and easy to follow, we would have liked to have seen a single guide for the suite, as it is much easier to keep track of a single guide than it is many PDF documents.

Having said that, we did find all materials to include a good amount of screen shots, configuration examples and step-by-step instructions.

NetWrix offers full phone and email-based technical support for customers evaluating the suite for the first 20 days. Once customers obtain the product, they must also purchase a maintenance contract to continue to receive support. This offers customers access to eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone and email-based technical support, as well as a portal on the website that offers a knowledgebase, support ticket management and a full user forum, along with many other helpful resources.

At a price starting at just over c£6 per user for up to 150 users, we find this tool to be good value for the money. While this suite is more like a bundle of products for one price rather than a fully integrated suite of functionality, we do find it to have a lot of strong features that can make user management easy.

We would like to see the NetWrix Identity Management Suite become more integrated in the future, but overall we liked our experience with it.
Peter Stephenson

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