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NetWrix Privileged Account Manager





£500 for first user and £95 per additional user

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Strengths: Simple to install and easy to use

Weaknesses: Light on features, average value for money

Verdict: The thin feature-set and high price make this just a bit better than average, but it does well on ease of use, which is important for all organisations

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NetWrix Privileged Account Manager provides a web-based password repository for privileged accounts on Windows Server systems and shared Active Directory domain accounts, eliminating the need to use unsecured shared databases or XLS files for password sharing. The product enforces a password checkout concept, with full audit trail of password ownership and history of operations.

The Privileged Account Manager also performs automatic password maintenance, where passwords are changed on a set schedule and service accounts are automatically updated.

This product is fairly lightweight and can be installed on any machine running Microsoft IIS. The installation takes just a few minutes and management is done through the web-based GUI. The GUI is simple to navigate, but we found that the product's simplistic layout was almost awkward to use.

The process for importing systems into the product was a cumbersome one of creating text files and doing manual imports using the discovery tool to import accounts. However, we did find this product integrated well into the environment. It can manage passwords and accounts from many sources, including Active Directory, database servers and routers.

The only documentation we received with this product was a PDF quick-start guide. This guide included a short and simple installation overview and basic configuration instructions. There were no screenshots or examples in the documentation provided and no other form of documentation was supplied for the review.

NetWrix offers the first year of technical support free and at a cost of 20 per cent of the initial purchase price annually thereafter. Phone and email technical support 8/5 is included. An online forum and knowledgebase on the website is available for customers for free.

At a base cost of £500 for the first admin account and £95 per additional user, this product is average value for the money.

While we do find that it has some useful features, we also find it to be quite basic as a product and we would like to see a broader feature-set for the cost.

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