Be in with a chance of winning at next years SC Awards Europe 2018 by entering now.
Be in with a chance of winning at next years SC Awards Europe 2018 by entering now.

The SC Awards Europe 2018 competition has opened, entries are starting to come in and judges are confirming their participation, so if you haven't entered yet – or indeed ever before – now is the time to do so: ENTRY DEADLINE - Thursday 25 January 2018.

To stay relevant in this ever changing sector, we re-consider every category each year to see if there any of the latest developments are established enough to take their place in our line up of the most important issues to be recognised.  There are also six new categories this year. Sometimes a topic is dropped due to technological advances, and if the hype is exceeding the reality, we may delay the introduction of a ‘hot' topic. 

And just occasionally, we may bring back a category that has had a revival – and that's the case this year with the return of Best Endpoint Security – which became de-emphasised in the age of cloud, BYOD and the perimeterless world – but with new enhancements, has reasserted its role of ensuring strength in depth.

At the other end – we deliberated over Artificial Intelligence – after all, what is true artificial intelligence beyond machine learning? So we compromised and combined the two, with the stipulation that entrants should go beyond simple logic (if a = b etc), and actually tackle new problems.  Be we have also accepted that often the intruder is inside and introduced Best Deception Technology. Expansion of the access world has led to Best Authentication Technology as its own category.  And few would deny that Best Threat Intelligence Technology now deserves its own place.

Our higher education establishments deserve recognition, but tend to be reticent about putting themselves forward, (even with free entries!), so we hope to appeal to their desire to promote the achievements of their most able students by introducing Cyber-security Student of the Year, recognising and promoting the next generation of cyber-security professionals.

And of course we will be covering the full range of products and services in our regular categories (see website  And when all the entries are completed and the judging done, come along to our black tie gala dinner to (hopefully) collect your award at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square on 5 June 2018.