Centrify has added Windows privileged user management to the latest version of its security and compliance solution.

According to the company, Centrify Suite 2013 offers an approach to identity management that includes integrated authentication, access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance — all based on a single, unified architecture that leverages Microsoft Active Directory.

It said that user privileges for Windows, Unix and Linux systems can be difficult to implement since identities and privileges often reside in disparate silos or are managed locally system by system. Also, while point solutions exist for privilege management of Windows systems or Unix and Linux systems, no solutions exist that span across both Windows and Unix/Linux that utilise a unified architecture leveraging existing directory infrastructure.

Matt Hur, Centrify's senior director of product management, said: “Centrify Suite 2013 raises the bar in delivering enhanced functionality for organisations to secure their systems and protect their resources across cloud and on-premise environments, including Windows least-privilege access management.

“With Centrify, organisations take advantage of their existing Microsoft Active Directory investments across the industry's broadest set of platforms in heterogeneous environments to centralise disparate identities and control privileged access for improved security and compliance.”