Cyber Security Challenge UK has launched a new partnership with Orange that will allow competitors to look at insider espionage and securing a motor racing team.

Developed with Dtex Systems, the competitions will form part of a new stream around policy and risk management and will see candidates look for insider espionage and the theft of commercial IP within a game developer. They will also secure a motor racing team from its rivals in preparation for a big race taking place at Banbury racing track in November.

According to Cyber Security Challenge UK, these competitions will test for the underlying mixture of technical and broader business skills, which are currently in high demand within the cyber security industry.

Mohan Koo, managing director of Dtex Systems, said: “As the monetary and political value of data grows, cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive in their quest to gain access. One of the easiest ways is by targeting employees on the inside and having them create security vulnerabilities or steal information directly.

“Without skilled security analysts who are able to effectively filter through large volumes of data, internal security breaches can often take days, months or even years to detect, rather than minutes or seconds. The ability to find the events which really matter in a timely fashion is a much needed and scarce skill.”

Candidates will act as a external security consultant for a fictitious mobile app development start-up called Online Mobile Gaming (OMG) that is readying a new game but is yet to implement adequate IT controls. A few weeks before the game's release, a rival mobile app company releases a very similar game and OMG's directors suspect insider involvement. The candidate's job is to use their forensic investigation skills to identify the high-risk users carrying out the activities responsible for the leaks.

Stephanie Daman, CEO of Cyber Security Challenge UK, said: “This competition is all about risk analysis – how much vulnerability can you allow before you put the team at risk? How secure do you need to be before you run over budget or negatively affect the operation of the team?”

The winners from this virtual competition will be invited to Orange's brand new face-to face competition, developed with Prodrive, the British motorsport and automotive engineering group, and held at the Banbury racing track in November. Here 30 candidates will come up against a real life motorsport set-up, complete with Aston Martin racing car, pit crew, technical team and a complex ICT infrastructure that connects them all.