The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has implemented a new system to keep its database and infrastructure secure.

The RCP, which has 22,000 Fellows and Members worldwide, has chosen to use Secerno.SQL to safeguard its sensitive data from existing and unidentified threats, as well as Structured Query Language (SQL) attacks.

Christopher Venning, IT and network support manager, RCP, said the move was made in response to an “evolving threat landscape” where attacks by hackers were increasing and were able to circumvent network defences.

“We hold highly confidential information on our members,” he said. “A data security breach would have disastrous ramifications for us, damaging not only our reputation, but also the security of our members, to whom we have a duty of care.”

Steve Hurn, Secerno's CEO, added that reactive security measures were “futile” and urged organisations to install joined-up security measures that could address the complex manner in which systems and networks can be attacked.

An audit of the RCP's databases and allied security issues was carried out prior to the implementation. The findings enabled Secerno to tailor the security measures so that RCP could use them easily and follow the logic involved.