New decoders identify IPv6 traffic on IPv4 networks

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Fidelis Security Systems has released cyber decoders to provide better visibility of enterprise activity.

Fidelis Security Systems has announced the release of new cyber decoders to provide better visibility of enterprise activity.

The Fidelis XPS IP Tunnel cyber decoder provides full inspection of sessions running over 6to4, 6over4, Teredo and GRE tunnels; the IPsec decoder identifies various types of IPv6 and IPsec tunnelling activity across IPv4 networks.

Fidelis said they can be used to detect the presence of tunnelled traffic and apply content inspection and malware analysis of the tunnelled sessions.

Peter George, CEO of Fidelis Security Systems, said: “IPv6 has created a serious new threat vector, due largely to the fact that many companies are unaware of its existence. IPv6 comes enabled as a standard feature with today's largest operating systems and must be disabled manually; otherwise potentially harmful traffic is allowed to traverse your network with little to no visibility.

“The new decoders that we are announcing today, IP Tunnel and IPsec, will help companies mitigate the risks of this traffic by providing greater visibility and analysis of content in tunnelled sessions.”


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