Egress Software has launched a security solution that allows users to manage the exchange of sensitive, personal or corporate information.


Delivered in a software-as-a-service model, Switch allows organisations to wrap controls around the information they share and ensures that data is not carelessly handled by its intended recipient, even after it has left the data owner's physical presence.


Irrespective of whether it has been sent over physical media such as a USB stick or CD/DVD or via email or file sharing, the Switch software enables the user to specify who can access the information as well as the exact dates during which it can be accessed.


CEO Tony Pepper claimed that it allows full control to be maintained even after the data has left your control. He said: “The creator encrypts the information before it is sent over to the end user, and if I want to change it I can pull it back and change it.


“People say that they send information over to resellers and customers, but we don't even know if they are receiving it.”


COO Neil Larkins explained that the company had taken feedback on the user interface and adapted it into the final product You can set the ‘view from' and ‘view until' and you can control who can and cannot retrieve and view the information.