New holiday devices bring new threats to the office

News by Ava Fedorov

Just when it seemed like all the chaos of the holidays was finally over, a new threat has surfaced – the onslaught of newly acquired smartphones, tablets and other hackable gadgets in the workplace. Millions of pounds were spent on gadgets over the past weeks and now companies that lack adequate network protection or BYOD policies will likely be more vulnerable than ever to hackers targeting employees' personal devices.

Meanwhile, an EY Global Information Security Survey reveals that only forty-one percent of companies said they intend to increase their spending to cover mobile security, despite eighty-four percent citing mobile security as a medium/high priority area.

“We are only in the first few days of 2015, but we are already seeing issues with companies leaving themselves exposed to this phenomenon,” Massimo Cotrozzi, director, Cybercrime Investigations at EY, commented in an email to

He continued: “The new smart mobile/tablet and wearable tech that employees bring into the office could be now connecting via the corporate wireless networks to external cloud systems which, in the best case, have not been appropriately protected, let alone tested.”

“Organisations that are unprepared,” Cotrozzi concluded, “could be caught napping while hackers are getting in, using employee devices, via the back door.”

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