Christopher Graham has been appointed as the new Information Commissioner by MPs.


A House of Commons Committee gave its approval to the Ministry of Justice's choice for the new Commissioner after current Commissioner Richard Thomas announced that he would retire in June.


However the committee reiterated its calls for more independence for the office of the privacy watchdog. It also claimed that the ICO needs better funding if it is to properly carry out its responsibilities.


A statement said: “The Justice Committee has repeatedly argued that the Information Commissioner should be made directly responsible to and funded by Parliament to protect the independence of the role, rather than being sponsored by the Ministry of Justice as at present, but Government has rejected this recommendation.


“The out-going Commissioner, Richard Thomas, made the compelling point in evidence to the Committee that he has 53 caseworkers dealing with freedom of information complaints from across the entire public sector, compared, for instance, to the 28 staff needed by the Ministry of Justice to deal with its incoming FOI requests alone.”