New International Cyber Academy to launch in May

News by Ava Fedorov

A new International Cyber Academy will launch on 6 May 2015, hosted by Edinburgh Napier University and based on a foundation of existing EU funding, according to the academy's announcement on

According to the site, the Academy's goals include: providing international leadership in cyber-security, “especially related to education and professional development;” supporting innovation in cyber-security; providing a platform for the “debate and articulation of key issues in cyber-security;” and providing “integrated academic support for a range of roles from apprentice cyber-security professionals to advanced research-focused levels.”

Collaborating with academia, law enforcement, the security industry and the public sector, the Cyber Academy is designed to be a “collaborative and inclusive model,” drawing in a wide range of organisations for the general benefit of all involved. Membership support, events such as conferences and symposiums, as well as professional development, will all be part of the school's foundation and long-term sustainability.

“The Cyber Academy integrates formally with a range of international initiatives, with a special focus on Cyber Security education,” Professor Bill Buchanan of Napier University writes on his blog entry. “This includes integration into the EU-funded DFET project, which is building a virtualised infrastructure for Cyber Security training, with strong links into law enforcement and academia across the World.”

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