Dell KACE has announced a new version of its K1000 systems management appliance to allow organisations to enforce policy across all of their desktops.

Claiming that it has effectively reduced an organisation's 'attack surface' through tighter browser security and simpler management of standards-based endpoint configurations, the new appliance also includes a security content automation protocol (SCAP) scanner to enable organisations to audit systems to ensure compliance with security policies.

The company also unveiled an updated release of its Firefox Secure Browser technology, offered both as an integration with the new appliance and as a free download. According to the company, this employs advanced application virtualisation technology to provide an isolated instance of Firefox to secure what has become a common entry point for malware and viruses.

It said that the enhanced secure browser offers administrators the ability to create their own custom secure browser configurations. Additional new features include the ability to retain bookmarks and favourites when resetting the browser and user warnings of potentially malicious activity.

The new Dell KACE 1000 Management Appliance release is available on 10th February 2011. A free standalone copy of Dell KACE Secure Browser can be downloaded here.