MobileIron has launched a mobile app persona for the enterprise, enabling its customers to protect data at rest and in motion for buisness applications using a mobile device.

According to the California-based company, the app is associated with a specific user and based on their identity and is managed through policy. It supports major operating systems, including iOS and Android and can secure both internal and third-party applications.

Two products have been developed within the app persona for enterprise: MobileIron AppConnect that containerises apps to protect app data-at-rest without touching personal data and MobileIron AppTunnel that provides tunnelling and access control to protect app data-in-motion without requiring VPN, the company said.

“Mobile apps are exploding across our customer base. App developers must move fast and innovate but still secure business app data and app traffic,” said Bob Tinker, CEO of MobileIron. “MobileIron AppConnect and AppTunnel make security painless for the developer, simple for Mobile IT and invisible to the user.”