New privileged access management suite introduced by e-DMZ Security

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A total privileged access management suite has been introduced by e-DMZ Security.

A total privileged access management suite has been introduced by e-DMZ Security.

Designed to offer remote system administrator database account management, the company claimed that it provides the ability to create a secure shell (SSH) session to the server hosting the database and tunnel the necessary SQL traffic though this SSH tunnel.

Once the database is configured in the suite for system administrator account management, the client can enable SSH tunnelling as the database connection method. Remote database account management SQL commands are tunnelled through the same SSH that already exists on the database server.

According to the company, for added security, the total privileged access management (TPAM) suite supports DSS key authentication in the establishment of the tunnel, assuring no password or other account information is exposed.

Scott Hammack, CEO of e-DMZ Security, said: “Today's security and compliance focused world demands that the enterprise take appropriate steps to manage the release and change control for system administrator accounts.

“Using our TPAM solution for system administrator account password management on databases allows a company to resolve the issue of account management being done remotely over a clear text connection. More specifically, TPAM solves the issue of secure remote database account management without the need for expensive security packages at the database level, and without impacting the performance of the database.”


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