Home PC users who want to protect their pictures and music from damage can secure their files by installing Webroot's new backup system.


Webroot Secure Backup combines online and local data protection into a single application that provides up to 50 gigabytes of online backup space and can protect files on up to three computers, which could be handy for families or individuals with several PCs.


Users can select what they want to have backed up by using simple tree indexes that enable them to pick files or folders to secure.


“Nearly 40 per cent of home users consider their digital content to be priceless, and yet over 60 per cent of those libraries of digital photos and music they've carefully developed are never backed up because it's too hard or takes too much time,” said Paul Lipman, senior VP and general manager of the consumer business at Webroot.


“Through the power of the web, we're able to manage customer files in our global network of secure data centres that puts the work where it belongs – in the hands of professional technicians. And unlike many products on the market today, we offer users a choice of backing up files locally, or online, or both. We even give customers the ability to backup as many versions of a file as they want.”


Webroot uses a three-tiered file encryption process. Data that has been backed up is available over the internet and users can share links to files, which avoids them having to send large email attachments.