Spam emails are being sent that feature both Microsoft and Trend Micro logos.


Maria Alarcon, anti-spam research engineer at Trend Micro, has warned of email messages that are supposed to be coming from Microsoft, but are using the Trend Micro logo in an attempt to look legitimate.


A typical Microsoft hotmail email will feature both the Microsoft and Trend Micro logos. One message that is apparently targeting Latin American users claimed that the user's system is automatically sending spammed email messages that contain a virus, and that they should install its anti-spam software, which is available for download at the end of the message.


Users will see a download window with the vizualizar.exe file, which Trend Micro has detected as TROJ_DLOAD.PW This includes the download filestander2009.exe, an information stealer detected as TSPY_BANKER.GGB. 


Alarcon said: “Relying again on the popularity of these two said companies, and using what would at first look like a Microsoft/Trend Micro-related content (spam after all is a major web problem, and everyone has an idea of it), spammers should be able to fool some recipients into actually downloading and installing the attachment.”