New survey reveals businesses' failure to detect breaches quickly


A survey conducted by Osterman Research on behalf of Proofpoint Inc, reveals that three quarters of businesses admit discovering a breach could take hours, days, or even weeks. Though sixty-eight percent of the companies surveyed claim to be prepared for a breach, the delayed breach detection - likely due to outdated, manual detection methods - would appear to contradict this confidence.

And, given recent, high-profile attacks on large companies, this self-assessment is likely an "optimistic" one, according to the report's analysis. Noting that the survey is not asking about remediation or stopping the exfiltration, but merely "realising that the remediation is happening,"  Kevin Epstein, Proofpoint's vice president, points out that, "given how fast data can be moved these days, that's the crown jewels leaving the company. There's a hole in the bucket and data is flowing out of it."


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