New technology proves to be a pain for IT managers

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The evolution of new technology is proving to be a headache for IT managers.

The evolution of new technology is proving to be a headache for IT managers.


New research by Quest Software has revealed that IT managers are under pressure to accommodate the increasing ubiquity of ‘consumer' technology such as MP3 players, VoIP and instant messaging in the workplace.


Of those surveyed, 70 per cent agreed that this increasing prevalence of consumer technology is creating complex business challenges for their organisations. The research also showed that half of those enterprise organisations either persist in allowing employees to store company data on personal devices such as smartphones and memory sticks, or at least lack formal policies intended to deter this practice.


Joe Baguley, CTO Europe of Quest Software, said: “Think about how daily working life is changing.  Public and corporate IM applications are on nearly every desktop; VoIP is evolving from consumer offerings such as Skype into enterprise-grade variants; audio/video conferencing technologies continue to mature; and increasing numbers of employees are using their personal mobile devices, MP3 players and USB keys to store company data.


“Given these trends, it's hardly surprising that enterprise IT teams are feeling increasing pressure to manage the security threats posed by these so-called ‘consumer' technologies entering the workplace.”

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