Dell KACE has announced a new version of its Secure Browser technology to protect against modern security threats.

According to Dell, the freeware tool stops the latest security threats, such as evercookie, and offers Windows 64-bit support in addition to other enhancements.

Also announced is a PC lockdown capability, integrated into its Systems Management Appliance, which allows enterprises to enforce protective security settings and allow users to continue to use the applications they require to be productive on a day-to-day basis.

Rob Meinhardt, president of Dell KACE, said: “As adoption of Windows 7 heats up, businesses are re-evaluating their PC lockdown strategies and strengthening their end-to-end security initiatives.

“Dell KACE offers a lockdown solution that secures the endpoint, while affording end-users the opportunity to install pre-approved applications on an ad-hoc basis.  Gone are the days of managing admin privileges to balance security and flexibility concerns.”