ScriptLogic has released the latest versions of its Enterprise Security Reporter and File System Auditor.

The company claimed that the enhancements will help IT administrators and their companies comply with rules dictated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Enterprise Security Reporter is an agent-less reporting solution that audits, analyses and reports on security settings in Active Directory, Windows file servers, SharePoint and SQL servers. Version 3.7 features a new report pack that maps more than 60 existing reports to the PCI requirements that they support.

New auditing features of File System Auditor 2.5 include IP address and workstation auditing to determine which user made a change and where the user was logged in at the time of the change. It also includes share auditing to ensure that access to shared folders is maintained by capturing all events related to folders, users that have access and actions within those folders, including deletions and security modifications.

Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Windows management at ScriptLogic, said: “ScriptLogic's solutions help IT administrators meet PCI rules, which apply to any company – regardless of size that processes or handles credit card information.

“Numerous ScriptLogic customers, including law firms, healthcare organisations and small businesses within other industries have incorporated our solutions into their compliance processes. Today's announcement brings them new features to simplify those efforts.”