Clearswift has released new versions of its web and email gateways to add mobile and social media management capabilities.

According to the company, SECURE Web Gateway 2.5 and SECURE Email Gateway 3.4 now include flexible policy engines with pre-defined social networking rules that allow business-appropriate use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It said this granular function allows policies to be set at global, departmental or individual user level.

Also included is a gateway reporter that maintains the audit database in a single, off-box location, eliminating the need for multiple backups from each peer, and configurable alarm thresholds that allow the fine-tuning of system event alerts so administrators can set their own thresholds for triggering alerts based on incidents such as disk failure and licence expiry, or system resources such as disk space reaching a set value.

The SECURE email gateway version 3.4 includes a Personal Message Management (PMM) portal, which offers an Apple iPhone interface for managing quarantined emails, allowing users to securely release and delete held emails from their iPhone. This is available for download from iTunes.

There is also a ‘message release and inform' self-service function that allows permitted users to release or delete quarantined messages without having to log in to the administration UI. This allows trusted senders and recipients to bypass scanning or release urgent, business-critical messages without having to wait for IT approval, in certain approved contexts.

Alf Pilgrim, CTO at Clearswift, said: “These latest product releases underpin the company's belief that security policies should embrace the evolution of workplace technology, not shy away from it. Intelligent content inspection and flexible policies allow users to get on with their jobs while ensuring data security, compliance and brand protection.”