New virtualised technology takes centre stage at the VMworld exhibition

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The exhibition, currently taking place in San Francisco, California, has seen a number of technology launches into the virtualised world, we look at some of the highlights so far.

The exhibition, currently taking place in San Francisco, California, has seen a number of technology launches into the virtualised world, here we look at some of the highlights so far.

RSA has launched a new solution for cloud security and compliance for the management of security, risk and regulatory compliance of cloud infrastructures. It said that this will help increase customer confidence to virtualise business-critical applications.

RSA said that the solution, named RSA Archer, is designed to give organisations a complete assessment of security and compliance posture across their VMware virtual infrastructure, allowing customers to centrally manage security across both virtual and physical infrastructures.

According to RSA, the dashboards are designed to make it easy to visualise security and compliance posture, and through automated assessments and simple workflows, the solution helps streamline the process of managing tasks between security teams that define policies and IT operations teams responsible for implementing those policies.

It said that the solution includes a comprehensive, centralised library and ready reference of security controls within the RSA Archer platform. This library has been expanded to cover more than 100 VMware-specific controls that map the most current, global regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Bret Hartman, CTO of RSA, said: “Our customers are excited about the opportunity to continue extending and optimising their use of virtualisation but are hesitant unless they can deliver proof of compliance against security standards such as PCI or HIPAA and VMware best practices.

“Today RSA is delivering the first step to give customers both the capability and confidence to extend their VMware deployments to handle business-critical applications, while providing a simpler and easier way to help ensure compliance for cloud infrastructures.”

Also launched was the new security gateway virtual edition from Check Point. It includes VMsafe integration that secures the cloud with its firewall to protect dynamic virtual environments from both internal and external security threats.

Check Point said that based on its software blade architecture, the Security Gateway VE enables businesses to leverage the same flexible and comprehensive security solutions that are available on physical networks – including firewall, VPN and intrusion prevention – to meet the special security, networking and management needs of virtual environments.

It said that with Security Gateway VE, customers are able to meet both the traditional network traffic requirements and the dynamic requirements needed to protect data at the hypervisor level, ensuring they have the most comprehensive security for virtual environments.

Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies, said: “Protecting the network from external threats and inspecting traffic in between virtual machines are two primary challenges associated with securing virtual environments.

“The new Check Point Security Gateway VE inspects inter-VM traffic at the hypervisor level for seamless security across an organisation's environment. In addition, administrators have more transparency to prevent threats such as viruses, Trojans and key loggers from ever reaching a virtual machine.”

According to Check Point, with VMware VMsafe integration, the Security Gateway VE can be deployed easily and consistently across the infrastructure to achieve greater visibility, manageability and enforcement of standard security policies.

Dor said: “With the Security Gateway VE, customers can simplify the complexities of securing dynamic virtual environments, while leveraging the same infrastructure and unified management used to protect their physical networks.”

Finally 3PAR, who last week announced that it is to be acquired by Dell, has declared that its technologies have been adopted by cloud computing vendors in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sectors.

It said that its InServ Storage Server, with VMware vSphere technology, has been taken on board by seven of the top ten global cloud computing IaaS providers.

Simon Hansford, VP service strategy and marketing at Attenda, said: “Our cloud computing platform, Attenda RTI, utilises best-of-breed VMware virtualisation technology integrated with a shared virtualised platform of 3PAR storage and Cisco networking, providing rapid scalability for unprecedented business agility.

“With over 60 clients deploying business-critical, enterprise-class applications into the cloud, our clients are recognising the need to improve IT efficiency and increase business agility through the adoption of IaaS.”

Parag Patel, vice president of global strategic alliances at VMware, said: “The IT industry is transitioning toward delivering IT as a service. Together with partners such as 3PAR, VMware is at the forefront in driving this evolution. As the pace of change has accelerated, VMware and our partners have focused on delivering the technologies necessary for businesses to thrive in this new cloud era.”

David Scott, 3PAR president and CEO, said: “3PAR Utility Storage is storage built for virtualised environments and the delivery of IT as a service. We believe that utility storage arrays from 3PAR and virtualisation technologies like VMware vSphere are essential tools for any service provider looking to build an agile and efficient virtualised environment to meet the large-scale demands of cloud service delivery.”


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