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Attacks are increasingly targeting the application layer, and traditional network security defences are not sufficiently granular to manage the risk.

The good news is that technology vendors have responded with next generation firewalls delivering strong capabilities to help protect organisations from attack through these routes.

However… as with all technology, these are of limited value unless implemented and configured correctly, and then managed effectively on an ongoing, 24/7 basis - delivering actionable information and intelligence. With such a rapidly changing threat environment security teams are finding it tougher with limited resources, insufficient in-house skills and constant business as usual (BAU) demands just to stay afloat. These pressures mean that more organisations are turning to external security partners to reduce their day to day pains -  freeing up time to focus where they can add real value to the organisation.

But what does next firewall management actually entail? Is it really any different from traditional firewall management, and are concerns over loss of control really outweighed by the benefits of an externally managed service? 

Speakers: Nick Williams – UK Managed Security Services Lead, NTT Com Security
                 John Bloodworth – Security Solutions Architect, NTT Com Security

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