Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has selected IronKey Enterprise to secure and protect its active patient records.

It said that the selection of this technology will allow consultants, midwives, nurses and information analysts to carry sensitive data without risking violating the UK Data Protection Act or the Department of Health's information governance toolkit if a device is lost or stolen.

Ben Everitt, acting head of IT at the trust, said that a major factor in the decision to deploy IronKey Enterprise was the assurance that even if a device was stolen, they could track and record the IronKey, before remotely destroying all data held on the device and even the IronKey itself.

“When data losses in other public sector areas hit the news headlines, the Department of Health issued a mandate via the information governance toolkit which meant our IT team took the required steps to not only protect all data stored on USB drives, but also to ensure we achieved Level 2 of the toolkit,” he said.

Colin Woodland, VP EMEA IronKey, said: “The recent fines by the Information Commissioner's Office for data loss has simply highlighted the intense scrutiny that IT departments are under to find a way of protecting data. However, it is refreshing to work with an organisation like the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who've rightly placed the security of patient data above everything else.”