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Every NHS trust failing on patching, officials admit

In an astonishing admission, Department of Health (DoH) officials have admitted that every single NHS trust in the UK has failed to meet cyber-security standards.

Public sector digital defence spend up 3,183%: £20m on NHS cyber unit

UK public sector expenditure on digital defences is up 3,183 percent this year - from £6 million of contracts tendered last year to £191 million tendered this year - £20m on NHS cyber unit.

Wannacry - North Korea blamed by UK; NHS didn't follow recommendations

National Audit Office (NAO) report says NHS trusts were left vulnerable to the unsophisticated Wannacry attack because NHS chiefs ignored cyber-security recommendations. UK Government holds North Korea responsible.

More staff cyber-security aware following WannaCry devastation in May

If there was a silver lining to the WannaCry attacks it was to raise awareness of the dangers of networked systems and encourage more non-technical people to learn more about malware.

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File carving can reverse WannaCry ransomware encryption, says McAfee

Security researchers at McAfee say they have developed an experimental method for recovering files encrypted by WannaCry ransomware.

Why the UK needs to adopt US healthcare approaches to information security sharing

The UK Government wants more robust protections in place to defend NHS patient data. US-style stakeholder collaboration could be even more effective in protecting patient data, says Jamie Stone.

WannaCry in the NHS: who takes responsibility?

In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware which took out over 60 NHS trusts, SC ponders on where the blame lays.

Hospitals turn patients away as NHS caught up in global ransomware attack

A combination of WannaCrypt0r and the EternalBlue exploit harvested from the NSA is forcing the closure of networks around the world including many NHS trusts in the UK.

ICO investigating potential leak of 26m NHS patient records

An "enhanced data sharing" feature in a software named SystmOne in use by a third of NHS practices opens up medical records without patient consent.

Google mistakes large volume of NHS traffic to be a botnet

NHS Digital said "We are aware of the current issue concerning NHS IP addresses which occasionally results in users being directed to a simple verification form when accessing Google."

Inadequate cyber-security budgets 'putting NHS patients at risk'

Some NHS trusts were spending as much as £100,000 a year on cyber-security in 2015 while others were spending nothing, according to figures collated by Sky News.

Breaking: NHS Trust crippled by cyberattack

A malware infection on a Lincolnshire hospital has caused an NHS trust to shut down major operations across several hospitals

NHS attacked by ransomware 'dozens' of times

An FOI disclosure from the NHS has shown nearly 30 NHS trusts to be the victims of ransomware attacks in the past 12 months.

47% of NHS Trusts in England admit to falling victim to ransomware

FOI request shows cyber assault on healthcare sector.

Healthcare phishing attacks - Is the NHS next and how can it prepare?

The healthcare sector is vulnerable to cyber-attack, keeping a lot of personal data that attackers are increasingly targetting, and the NHS needs to get its defences in place now says Stuart Robb.

Is the NHS ripe for a ransomware attack?

A rash of ransomware attacks has hit Western hospitals in recent months, but could it happen to the NHS?

New report diagnoses healthcare bodies with poor cyber-security

Health care bodies appear to have a focus on protecting patient data, often forgetting to protect themselves from other more serious attacks, a new report has shown.

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£4bn investment for NHS digital transformation

Billions of pounds will be invested in the NHS to accelerate the health service's transition into a paperless system and improve information-security

NHS all-mobile no-paper system has 'alarming' lack of cyber-security

A recent FOI request by cloud solutions company Accellion has revealed an 'alarming' lack of cyber-security in the NHS' use of mobile devices.

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Exclusive: Kettering General Hospital 'investigating' email data breach

Researcher claims that a Northamptonshire hospital suffered a breach which left it authenticating spam for a well-known Russian hacking group.

Cyber-security experts criticise data handling processes after HIV clinic email error

Security experts have criticised the processes that allowed the names and email addresses of hundreds of HIV-positive patients in London to be revealed in an email newsletter.

NHS data privacy plans 'flawed'

Big Data analysis allows identification of individuals via anonymised data.

'Shameful' data breach may affect 10,000 NHS patients

The personal data of up to 10,000 NHS patients may have been compromised in a data breach that one leading industry expert has described as showing a "truly shameful level of negligence and disregard for personal data".

ICO promised new powers to rein in NHS on patient data

The Government has responded to fears about the security of millions of NHS patients' personal data by giving privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) the power to carry out 'compulsory audits' on how well the health service looks after personal information.

Labour calls for 'massive overhaul' of government surveillance

Britain's Labour Party wants to change how GCHQ and other spy agencies collect data, and reinforce that cyber crime is increasingly commonplace.

Update: ICO and doctors force delay of NHS patient database

The Government has bowed to pressure from its own privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), and the British Medical Association (BMA) and delayed its controversial plan to collect the health data of every person in England on a single database.