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Fun in the sun at April's infosec events

We are always spoilt in April with not only Infosec, but 44Cafe and BSides London too - and this year was another corker.

Don't judge potential and existing employees through automated analysis

Neither automated analysis, nor the manual reading of Twitter posts, is a useful practice for HR to engage in.

Dual-use technology isn't all bad

We shouldn't let the potential misuse of a product in the wrong hands blind us to its benefits in the right ones.

BMWs: Gone in 60 keystrokes

The vulnerability of BMWs to 'no key' theft is a case study in what happens if the lessons of IT security are ignored.

44Con: bigger, better, uncut

This year's 44Con did the industry proud, from the new attack on Enigma to the caffeine-infused BlackBerry Lounge.