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NitroGuard IPS


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Strengths: A solid product with lots of features, including near real-time dashboard refresh

Weaknesses: None that we could find in this test

Verdict: A solid product with good integration to other NitroView products, if a bit costly in its full configuration with the ESM. Recommended for its excellent performance, ease of use and flexibility

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Part of the NitroView suite, NitroGuard is one of a handful of IPS products that allows detailed analysis of captured events. When used with the rest of the suite its analysis capability go beyond that normally found in an IPS. The device's near real-time dashboard updates as new alerts arrive rather than using a refresh cycle that does batch updating. We saw this in only one other product.

The appliance is easy to install, helped by a small guide that provides a good level of detail when it comes to things such as physical installation, cabling and selection of an appropriate IPS architecture.

The device is managed remotely from a software console that comes with it, and there is a separate installation guide for the console. If your organisation has the rest of the NitroView suite, the same console can be used for all elements, obviating the need for separate console installations.

We installed the NitroGuard IPS with the rest of the suite (NitroView Receiver and NitroView Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) - optional, extra- cost appliances) without problems and tested with our Attack Pod.

The results were excellent, with the product identifying our attacks at all levels and delivering its results to the ESM for analysis in near real time. Setup and rule generation is straightforward and the use of wizards and comprehensive menus eases the process.

The documentation is complete and comes on a separate CD. The main documentation includes all of the pieces of the NitroView suite, so interconnection and interoperation is clearly presented in a single document. The PDF file is well indexed and the information we needed was very easy to find.

Support offerings are rich with a variety of options. There are two sections of the website available to all users with things such as manuals and white papers. All you need to do is sign up. In addition, silver and gold support packages can be purchased, offering a huge assortment of services including advance hardware replacement and a two-hour response time (gold).

Priced at £6,775, the NitroGuard is at the low end of the range. The ESM offers an enhanced level of analysis, for an additional cost.

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