No secret anymore: Russia touts cyber force

News by Greg Masters

Russia has a cyber army. The announcement was made by defence minister Sergey Shoygu.

Russia has a cyber army. The announcement was made by Sergey Shoygu, minister of defence, while addressing the Duma, the nation's lower house of parliament, and reported in Tass, the Russian state news agency.

"The information operations forces have been established, that are expected to be a far more effective tool than all we used before for counter-propaganda purposes," Shoigu said. "Propaganda should be smart, competent and effective."

The news is the first admission by Russia that a cyber force has been established within the Russian military, although it has long been suspected. Several intelligence agencies in the US blamed Russia for interference in the presidential election campaigns. As well, officials in Germany and France have expressed concern that Russia will interfere in upcoming elections.

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