Nominum develops application delivery and data platform

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Nominum has launched a platform for application development to allow the owner to get detailed data.

Nominum has launched a platform for application development to allow the owner to get detailed data.

Named the N2 platform, the company claimed that it enables rapid deployment of differentiated applications for network operators, as well as gathering and anonymising the data. Gary Messiana, CEO of Nominum, told SC Magazine that it processes 1.1 trillion DNS queries a day, and it wanted a way to provide data of what users were searching for to its customers.

He said: “Users need engines to deliver volume, but to turn on real-time data collection. With the amount of traffic needed to capture, the Holy Grail is to deliver a different programme to reduce their operating costs.

“This allows visible access to domain name server (DNS) traffic to build applications faster and it is cheaper to develop over time, as there is more functionality and greater agility.”

Also built on top of the N2 platform are six new applications: Nominum Subscriber Safety protects subscribers from malicious websites on any device; Nominum Network Security deters outbound spam and protects valuable network assets and subscribers; Nominum Personal Internet for subscribers to personalise their home internet; Nominum Network View provides access to high-level network intelligence, with drill downs to detailed data; Nominum Configuration Manager is a GUI interface that the company claims streamlines DNS operations and reduces management costs; and Nominum Content Filtering gives families the option to keep illegal and offensive content out of their homes and mobile devices.

DNS inventor and chairman of Nominum, Paul Mockapetris, said: “Traditionally, it's been hard to take advantage of DNS data to gauge network health and activity or improve the subscriber experience. The tools for collecting, synthesizing, anonymising and analysing it weren't adequate.

“The N2 Platform simplifies the process of collecting large amounts of data in real-time and makes it easier to develop new applications and integrate with other network operator systems.”

Also launched is the Ideal ecosystem, powered by the N2 platform.

Messiana said: “The Ideal ecosystem is made possible by the platform as it is a way of better leveraging the enterprise layer. You can add applications for content filtering or protecting your network by reporting on botnet activity.

“It is the concept of commoditisation of dealing with efficient services, as Ideal can join the engines and applications that our users build. The DNS has engines; N2 allows applications to be built on top.

“This allows you to build applications into the infrastructure, it is not like the Apple store where you add apps, it is going down the path like licensing and going into products that people are building for themselves, we build what they are looking to use.”


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