Nominum has announced the launch of the Mobile Network and User Security Solution for mobile service providers that leverages core DNS engines.

A new addition to the Nominum Mobile Suite, it said that this solves multiple mobile security needs in a single solution as it is built on a three-tiered, integrated architecture that leverages core DNS engines through a series of platforms and applications.

Doug Miller, general manager of mobile solutions for Nominum, said: “Mobile service providers know they have to protect not only their networks, but their end-users accessing these networks. We are offering mobile service providers something that didn't exist before – a complete mobile security solution to help them deal with the new and growing security threat.”

It said that its solution offers protection of vital network elements, security of the DNS data to prevent hackers from redirecting legitimate web requests to malicious sites without warning to impacted users, and defence of the network to enhance the user experience and protect against threats including data and identity theft, viruses and phishing.