Non-Microsoft Patches News, Articles and Updates

Researchers expect widespread exploit of Adobe PDF flaw

Attackers are actively exploiting a gaping zero-day hole in versions 9 and earlier of Adobe Acrobat and Reader, the company has warned.

Four fixes shipped for "critical" RealPlayer holes

RealNetworks has issued fixes for four critical vulnerabilities in its RealPlayer program.

Oracle pushes out 45 patches; 14 for Database

Oracle on Tuesday released 45 fixes for vulnerabilities across its products, including the widely deployed Oracle Database.

As businesses weigh adoption, new iPhone plugs 13 flaws

The second version of the iPhone, released Friday, includes faster internet, GPS functionality and an application store — as well as 13 security fixes.

Sun and Apple offer security updates

Sun Microsystems has issued fixes for a number of vulnerabilities in its Java offerings, while six flaws in Apple TV were patched.

Multiple vendors cooperate to issue DNS design flaw fix

A massive domain name server (DNS) design vulnerability that could permit cache poisoning - effectively allowing an attacker to direct users to the website of his choosing - is set to be fixed by an unprecedented synchronized series of multivendor patches.

Apple updates OS X to address security and performance issues

OS X Leopard gets a new version as the Mac maker moves to improve reliability and squash a whole hatful of vulnerabilities

Vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat leads to public exploit

Adobe has updated its Reader and Acrobat products to shore up a major vulnerability that is already being exploited in the wild

Microsoft warns over Safari "carpet bomb" attack

Users of the web browser on both XP and Vista can be hit by a blended attack which installs malicious code, according to a security advisory released by the software giant