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Catholic church pulls together back-up strategy

Worried that its data was at risk, particularly in the aftermath of the London terrorist attack three years ago, the Diocese of Westminster has completed an upgrade to a fully networked back-up architecture

Hacker cracks University of Arizona network, may have breached employee information

A hacker may have obtained the personal information of University of Arizona employees, as well as details of the institution's financial transactions.

Bill Hancock, convivial information security pioneer - and amateur stand-up comic - dead at 49

Bill Hancock, who, despite being legally blind, parlayed a gregarious demeanor into a career as an information security icon and cyber-risk and network best practices advocate, died Monday. He was 49.

Anti-spam group, past its prime, closes doors

Organizers for the longtime spam-fighting organization Open Relay DataBase (ORDB) announced this week that they are calling it quits due to the growing irrelevance of the project in light of spammers' changing methodology.

Grinch hacks Santa Claus site, but StopBadware saves Christmas

Not even Santa Claus is safe from hackers this year, as reported today that a philanthropist with the legal name of Santa Claus had his site targeted by hackers who uploaded an iframe that installed malicious software onto visitors' computers

A dubious milestone - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports exposed record No. 100 million

Two months after the U.S. population reached 300 million people, the nation realized a more troubling statistical milestone when the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse today reported that more than 100 million records have been exposed since the ChoicePoint data breach.

Human error, zero-day targeted attacks make up latest SANS Top 20

Few would dispute the powerful link between social engineering and the success of a cyberattack in today's financially-driven threat landscape. So now, for the first time, the SANS Institute has named human error to its twice-annual Top 20 Internet Security Attack Targets list, a line-up that, until now, was reserved solely for technology.

Symantec opens phishing-reporting site to home users

Symantec's worldwide phishing-reporting network, previously restricted to member companies, will now be open to home consumers.