The North Yorkshire Police has launched a campaign to run throughout October as online incidents are on the rise in the county. The campaign strives to raise awareness of the increasing threat and advises people to be more cautious. Information about the most ordinary online threats and scams as well as prevention advice will be available on social media channels.

So far in 2015, 480 cyber-related incidents such as fraudulent online sales, identity theft and online child sexual exploitation have been reported to North Yorkshire Police. During the first half of 2015, the county's residents made over 800 reports to Action Fraud, costing victims a total of £1,800,198.

Detective chief inspector, Matt Walker, head of cyber-crime, said, “North Yorkshire is just as vulnerable to cyber-crime as anywhere else in the country and the public need to understand that. One in four adults in the UK have fallen victim to identity fraud, and some of these live and work in North Yorkshire. Many people do not realise the scale of this problem and it is important to encourage people to take steps to ensure their own safety online.”

The agency has recently boosted its resources to try and tackle the issue by rolling out cyber-crime training across specialist departments in the force. A new Cyber-crime Unit is now up and running, with a small team set up to assist officers dealing with complicated cyber-related cases and need support.