The Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) is now working with IronKey solutions to secure and protect its government data.

The NICS has adopted IronKey Enterprise, a secure encrypted solution, as it has a responsibility to be compliant with data protection regulations, as well as providing assurance to the public that their data is secure at all times and cannot be accessed. It has deployed over 3,000 IronKey devices with a further 2,000 due to be rolled out in the future.

A spokesperson for the NICS noted that the product has received positive feedback from NICS staff, who now have the ability to carry secure encrypted data with them, which has helped create a more secure productive work environment.

Colin Woodland, VP EMEA at IronKey, said: “As the Information Commissioner's Office is now able to fine organisations up to £500,000 for a data loss, the pressure has increased greatly on IT departments to find a way of protecting data whilst allowing employees to carry-out their work without any restrictions.

“From day one, the goal for IronKey, its partner Business & Scientific Services (BSS) and the EDA [DFP's Enterprise Design Authority] has been to deliver a solution which set a benchmark for data security alongside an easy to use solution.”