HR software and services provider NorthgateArinso has moved to improve its email efficiency and security with a new appliance.

The provider was previously hit by a data loss in June 2009 that contained the personal information of around 109,000 British people. Then, Michael Callahan, senior vice president of Credant Technologies, claimed that the loss of personal details, including names, addresses, national insurance numbers, and salary and bank data from The Pensions Trust could have been avoided if the laptop used by the organisation's contractor had used onboard encryption.

The provider has now moved to implement an encryption solution to protect sensitive information sent via email from Proofpoint. The Messaging Security Gateway, virtual edition, has the ability to secure 20,000 confidential emails every hour.

Emails are checked in accordance with the company's security policies, increasing productivity, efficiency and minimising the risk of any malicious threats to the organisation. Furthermore, Proofpoint's Dynamic Reputation feature enables the automatic inspection of sender IP addresses, preventing any corrupted emails entering the NorthgateArinso environment, as well as maximising bandwidth.

Dominique Kelder, group procurement manager of NorthgateArinso, said: “As our business grows rapidly, our IT department was looking for a dynamic and flexible solution which could cater for internal demand and our customers' requirements.

“Together we successfully tested Proofpoint's solution and fine-tuned it to suit our internal design and requirements. Overall it is now much easier to manage our email, and all areas of the business are experiencing the benefits of the Proofpoint solution.”

Ken Yearwood, director of EMEA at Proofpoint, said: “The Proofpoint technology enables a secure and reliable infrastructure for handling email on a daily basis. We were able to provide NorthgateArinso with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage email solution that was right for all of its employees.”