While the volcanic ash cloud continues to wreak havoc on global airspace, another headline grabbing story from this month has coincided with it.

According to CNN, Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg has found himself stuck in New York City and is using the Apple iPad to work remotely. He told CNN that he used the iPad to manage the situation at home as Norway closed its airspace under threat from the ash.

He said: “There are good means of communication, I have close contacts with my office all the times, and there are a lot of activities in Norway where we try to reduce the consequences of the volcano in Norway.

“It's very normal for a PM to travel abroad so this is not different from the other travels, its just lasts some days more than expected. We have the internet, the mobile phone. I also use an iPad, which is excellent.

“I am afraid we won't be back before Saturday because I think most of our travel is going to be by car because the most of the airports in the Northern part of Europe are now closed.”

While persisting questions about the security and practicality of the iPad have dogged it since its initial introduction, particularly with the Apple operating system's inability to host security software, some will criticise the choice of the iPad as a working device.

While the Apple PR machine will relish this opportunity, it could be the push that it needs for people to consider it a viable working tool. After all, how many of you would work on your iPhone?