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£34 per device

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Strengths: A solid offering which does a little bit of everything

Weaknesses: It performs a number of functions, but nothing stands out

Verdict: If you have used Novell in the past this product and eDirectory will be simple to administer

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First, it is important to note that unlike previous versions of ZENworks, Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (ESM) does not require anything from Novell in order to operate. ZENworks ESM can perform user and systems management by using either Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or any combination of both or neither. It is a security suite that is more tightly integrated than any other we tested.

The tool felt and behaved like a single application. Policies are defined and published for clients to access. The MSI package and Active Directory is a common installation option.

The number of security features that can be managed is impressive. These include: storage device control, USB connectivity control, data encryption, personal firewall, wireless control, VPN enforcement, communications hardware control (Bluetooth, IrDA, IEEE 1394, serial or parallel), application control and integrity testing.

Client self-defence ensures that this enforcement cannot be stopped or circumvented by the end-user, even with local administrator privileges.

Reporting data is configurable per policy and centrally available through the single management console. Security decisions are centrally defined and enforced consistently across all endpoints. This provides assurance for meeting regulatory requirements and for protecting the sensitive data of the organisation.

Novell offers complimentary access to its knowledge base, documentation, tools and patches and files at its support website. In addition, it also provides access to support forums, where you can post questions related to any of Novell's products. These forums are a community of highly skilled administrators and consultants, are monitored by highly skilled system operators, and are available 24/7.

The company also offers phone and email access with its fee support services, which are included in large licensing organisations.

Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is available for a list price of £34 per device.

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