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NSA collected 530 million calls and texts in 2017

The National Security Agency (NSA) collected more than 530 million phone calls and texts from individuals around the world in 2017, more than three times the number gathered the previous year.

PyRoMine uses NSA exploits to mine Monero and disable security features

A Python-based Monero miner is using stolen NSA exploits to gain an edge in the cryptomining stakes.

Shadow Brokers' NSA data dump offers up more revelations

A group of Hungarian researchers found that the National Security Agency (NSA) was able to scan for and track nation-state threat groups when NSA workers were conducting operations inside other country's systems.

NSA chief hasn't been give the authority to battle Russian interference

US National Security Agency Director Adm Mike Rogers, US Cyber Command commander, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that President Trump hasn't directed him to combat Russian cyber-attacks.

US intel pays £72,000 to Russian for NSA tools hacked by Shadow Brokers

The US intelligence community reportedly negotiated in secret to retrieve classified documents stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA) by the Shadow Brokers and passed along to Russian intelligence.

All versions' of Windows vulnerable to tweaked Shadow Broker NSA exploits

NSA exploits stolen by hacker Shadow Brokers can be tweaked to exploit vulnerabilities in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 - so deploy the MS17-010 security update from Microsoft as soon as possible.

Hackers use NSA exploits to mine Monero

Zealot campaign used Eternalblue and Eternalsynergy to mine Monero cryptocurrency on networks.

Ex-NSA worker stole classified data, related to Kaspersky incident

A former NSA employee pleaded guilty to taking classified national defence information that was later stolen by Russian spies.

Kaspersky offers alternate theory for how NSA hacking tools were stolen

Kaspersky Lab has released findings from its own internal probe into how Russian cyber spies identified and stole U.S. hacking tools from an NSA contractor's laptop - found evidence that the laptop had been infected with malware.

NSA hacking tool EternalRomance found in BadRabbit

BadRabbit evidence is multiplying, like well rabbits, with the latest revelation being the malware used another stolen NSA tool to help it move laterally through networks.

NSA worker infected computer provided access to Equation Group surveillance code, Kaspersky says

After the consumer version of Kaspersky Lab's antivirus software picked up the source code for surveillance tools used by the Equation Group, the NSA''s elite hacking arm, the file was immediately deleted, according to Kaspersky.

Update: Russian hackers use Kaspersky AV, find NSA info on home device

Home computer of National Security Agency (NSA) worker contained classified data, detected by Russian hackers using Kaspersky AV software.

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UPDATE: 'NotPetya' ransomware at heart of new global campaign

A yet-indeterminate ransomware strain has infected systems all over the world with particular enthusiasm for Ukrainian targets.

NSA claims to have identified contractor as source of news media leak

A National Security Agency contractor named Reality Winner has been accused of leaking classified information about possible Russian interference in the US election to a news organisation.

WannaCry fallout: is hoarding exploits, delaying fixes ever justified?

With the lethality of WannaCry being blamed on the NSA's EternalBlue exploit, we asked the cyber-security industry about the wisdom of allowing intelligence agencies to stockpile zero days.

WannaCry not first to exploit NSA EternalBlue, DoublePulsar malware

Turns out that WannaCry's creators were not the first to the table when it comes to exploiting the leaked NSA hacking tools EternalBlue and DoublePulsar.

Bored cyber-security expert's wizard radar page secures the world

Ten years ago, a bored cyber-security expert named Andy Cuff set up a website on his kitchen table in Bath. Today, that website has become the go-to place for all the world's biggest security agencies.

Snowden film fails to shed light on essential questions

Oliver Stone's latest foray into political pseudo-documentary filmmaking presents a one-sided account of a formative moment in history.

MalwareMustDie closes blog in NSA/CIA spy protest

MalwareMustDie, the white-hat security research group, has closed its blog in protest of alleged American espionage against friendly countries.

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Past behaviour did not stop leaker from accessing sensitive NSA Data

The NSA's latest alleged leaker apparently had a variety of issues, including alcohol abuse and criminal charges, which did not cast doubt on his security clearance.

Second Shadow Brokers dump released

The hacking group named The Shadow Brokers has released more NSA-related files, these are said to show IP addresses linked to the Equation Group, a hacking group believed to be an NSA contractor.

Former NSA deputy director talks Snowden, pardons and privacy [Video]

Chris Inglis, former deputy director at the NSA, says the organisation had not been prepared for an insider threat of the magnitude of Edward Snowden and rejected calls for him to be pardoned.

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NSA spy details how to tap into webcam on Mac without user noticing

An ex NSA spook has shown how to tap into a Mac's webcam without the user even knowing

NSA contractor nabbed for pilfering agency codes

Harold T. Martin III, 51, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, was arrested after an FBI search of his home and car uncovered an abundance of highly classified documents, which Martin was not authorized to have

No takers for stolen NSA tools, Shadow Brokers rant

The Shadow Brokers Saturday posted a rant to voice their discontent over the lack of bids for the stolen goods.

Privacy orgs file brief against US, allies on bulk surveillance

A coalition of privacy organisations are suing the United States and its allies for involvement in a bulk data collection program, which they say violates the European Convention on Human Rights.