A written request has been made to Barack Obama to move on with the appointment of a cybersecurity expert.

Writing in a letter to the US president, Phillip J. Bond, president of TechAmerica, requested that the appointment of a cybersecurity coordinator in the White House be done ‘at the earliest possible opportunity'.

Bond said: “We have long advocated for such a position in order to truly leverage the power of government and industry in simultaneously driving innovation in information technology and advancements in efforts to secure the national asset that is our digital infrastructure.

“The urgency for progress in cybersecurity remains, and therefore, so does the need for the appointment of a qualified, credible, senior level official to the cybersecurity coordinator post. Ideally, such an individual would have relevant experience in both government and industry in order to truly reflect the shared roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity.

“We realise that such assignments require measured deliberation. We look forward to optimising the momentum you have provided with the timely appointment of the cybersecurity coordinator.”

Bond went on to commend Christopher Painter ‘for his excellent work and stewardship of that implementation in the interim', but claimed that with increased attacks, ‘establishing cybersecurity coordination at this point will have a galvanising effect that would boost and focus the many federal efforts to combat cyber threats'.

“As leaders in the IT industry we continue our daily efforts on cybersecurity concerns and stand ready to work with your team toward success,” said Bond.